Webinar about the Hypercube fund and venture financing

On May 24 a webinar were organized by leadership of Hypercube fund. Managing partners Victor and Anton Sobor were leading speakers. At the webinar, the fund was officially introduced to new investors, and experts told about the opportunities for venture capital investment that Hypercube provides.

The venture market is booming and has a pronounced upward trend. From year to year, the direct investments in technology projects is growing. And the growth of the assets value in the development of such projects gives a stable interest of investors.

To your attention the full webinar. Learn about all the mechanisms of investing in the early stages, main advantages and conquer new peaks with Hypercube together.

Is the transfer of own assets to my heirs possible?

Customer care has been and remains one of the priorities of the Hypercube Ventures fund.

Within the framework of the "Future Assured with Guarantees" concept, an appropriate functional has been developed. It guarantees the transfer of your assets to your heir(s), who you specify on your profile. Based on the information and supporting documents you submitted, your contribution will be transferred to the successor (s) in the event of unforeseen circumstances specified in the offer contract. If the heirs are not specified in the profile, the fund managers undertake to search for them independently within 10 years from the moment when this fact became known, for the further organization of the transfer of assets in the most convenient way. Take care of your family future today!


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