What is The VNN UDNA?

Unit of Demands Notes Accounting VNN is a digital expression of the equivalent value of the rights, belonging to a particular project (s) participant, which are placed on the Hypercube Ventures platform and displayed in his or her personal account.

The robot trader functionality

The Hypercube Ventures Fund has combined two high-yielding tools into one to quickly multiply investment funds of investors. It is much more profitable than all conservative ways of accumulation, such as bank deposit, precious metals or real estate. And this is much more reliable than using any one way of investing.

For fund investors, the Hypercube Trust service is created, where all attachments are automatically transferred to a cryptocurrency asset. This is reflected to your account. The robot trader increases your contribution until it is used by the startup team, using the growth of the cryptocurrency. The program analyzes quotes on world stock exchanges and saves capital in that crypto currency, which grows faster than others. While projects collect funding, your capital is already generating revenue. This happens around the clock, in non-stop mode, right now.

The robot has two main modes: manual and automatic.

Manual mode is available to every  investor inside a personal account. You can track the growth and fall of currencies yourself, moving your contribution to a particular currency.

Automatic mode - the robot keeps track of the courses on the main exchanges and transfer your investments under the most favorable conditions into one or another cryptocurrency without your personal intervention.

You do not have to sit at the computer for 6 hours a day for technical analysis in search of entry points to the market and closing deals - the deposit grows automatically, without your participation.

To use the trader in a manual mode, the investor must sign an agreement on the risks. From the moment of signing this agreement, the investor has no right to demand from the Administrator any compensation for financial losses, damages, other financial losses incurred by the investor during choosing a manual investment regime. The agreement is valid for the entire duration of the investor’s transactions in the manual mode of managing the service functionality of robot trader.

What is Hypercube Trust?

Hypercube Trust is the Hypercube Ventures fund service, which allows you to accumulate investment capital in VNN UDNA. It is not necessary to create cryptocurrency wallets of any third-party systems (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.).

The funds deposited in the Hypercube Trust are automatically converted to VNN UDNA at the current exchange rate on the day of purchase and are stored on the personal account. You can see the number of accrued tokens in the Investor’s Personal Account.

Until the investor has requested the purchased units, they are in the management of the fund. Fund experts will provide your VNN UDNA with maximum profitability and with minimal risks. You can transfer tokens into your personal Ethereum wallet at any time from the Investor’s Personal Account.

The VNN UDNA is a convertible note about transferring to the holder a certain number of shares in one (several) of the startups and projects in pool financed by Hypercube Ventures.

How can I invite a new investor and get a reward?

You have to use the personalized invitation link to correctly identify the investor you invited and get a reward! To do this, go to the "Investment agent" tab in your account and copy the full personal link. Send it to the invited person and ask him to use it for opening of the registration form. The name, last name and contact details will appear in the table "Invited investors" of your account after confirmation of registration via e-mail. The accrual of bonuses is automatically processed in the bonus account after crediting the investor’s funds to the balance of the personal account.

Webinar about the Hypercube fund and venture financing

On May 24 a webinar were organized by leadership of Hypercube fund. Managing partners Victor and Anton Sobor were leading speakers. At the webinar, the fund was officially introduced to new investors, and experts told about the opportunities for venture capital investment that Hypercube provides.

The venture market is booming and has a pronounced upward trend. From year to year, the direct investments in technology projects is growing. And the growth of the assets value in the development of such projects gives a stable interest of investors.

To your attention the full webinar. Learn about all the mechanisms of investing in the early stages, main advantages and conquer new peaks with Hypercube together.

Is the transfer of own assets to my heirs possible?

Customer care has been and remains one of the priorities of the Hypercube Ventures fund.

Within the framework of the "Future Assured with Guarantees" concept, an appropriate functional has been developed. It guarantees the transfer of your assets to your heir(s), who you specify on your profile. Based on the information and supporting documents you submitted, your contribution will be transferred to the successor (s) in the event of unforeseen circumstances specified in the offer contract. If the heirs are not specified in the profile, the fund managers undertake to search for them independently within 10 years from the moment when this fact became known, for the further organization of the transfer of assets in the most convenient way. Take care of your family future today!


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