A robot trader for the private investor’s account was developed

A robot trader for the private investor’s account was developed

We are happy to inform you of the wonderful news. The Hypercube Ventures Fund has combined two high-yielding tools into one to quickly multiply the investment funds of investors. A robot trader will function from December 25 in the Personal Account of each investor. This is a reliable and convenient tool for increasing investments and profits. While projects raise the necessary financing, the invested capital already brings income to the investor.

The Hypercube Trust service allows you to automatically transfer all funds into a cryptocurrency asset. Track the trader’s work in your Personal Account. The robot trader increases your contribution until it is used by the startup team, using the growth of the cryptocurrency. The robot has two main modes: manual and automatic.

Manual mode - is available to every investor inside a Personal Account. You can independently monitor the behavior and growth dynamics of the cryptocurrency, transferring your contribution to a particular currency without the help of an automated trader.

Automatic mode - the program analyzes quotes on world stock exchanges and saves capital in that cryptocurrency, which grows faster than others. This happens automatically in non-stop mode, without disturbing the investor himself.

An automated trader will allow you to spend more time with your family and do what you really like without spending 6 hours a day analyzing financial markets in search of entry points to the market and closing deals. The robot works without a break, forcing your deposit to grow, and incomes - to multiply.

With care for you, the administration of Hypercube Ventures fund.