Fresh news about the preparation for the launch of TetraTerra

Fresh news about the preparation for the launch of TetraTerra

While the venture fund Hypercube actively collects funds to finance the first pool of start-ups, the projects that are preparing for launch, please us with fresh news.

The architectural design of TetraTerra continues to prepare for its launch. Today, new details of this training have appeared. The project continues to compile the documents necessary for the legalization of the product. The startup team constantly consults with experienced lawyers to resolve all controversial issues and to properly draft documents. Also, the creators of the TetraTerra project are thinking over the variants of names in order to choose one under which the company will be registered. The place of registration is USA. Registration of all necessary documents is coming to an end, and soon the project will be in full combat readiness.

Recall, TetraTerra - is an architectural structure (art object) in the form of a triangular pyramid (tetrahedron), collected from 16 million glass blocks - cubes. TetraTerra invites people to perpetuate their name in the centuries and acquire a name block, from which, as a result, the pyramid will be built. The laser, inside the cube, engraves the name and surname of the owner (or other information, if desired) and the block is laid in the pyramid. Each element of the pyramid will be linked to an encrypted online data store.

We recently published a press release of Hypercube Ventures and shared our plans for the future of the fund.