The company of Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has showed a carrier plane Stratolaunch

The company of Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has showed a carrier plane Stratolaunch

The creating of modern aircraft, which complete various tasks, is now engaged in a large number of companies. The company Stratolaunch Systems, which was created by one of the founders of Microsoft Paul Allen, for the first time demonstrated and removed from the hangar the largest carrier aircraft in the world. The wingspan of this aircraft is greater than that of any similar aircraft, but it was created to transport missiles into orbit.

The Stratolaunch carrier aircraft has two huge fuselages, the length of each of them is 72 m, and a common large wing, the length of which is 117 meters. On the wing you can see 6 engines that are responsible for the operation of the aircraft. The purpose of creating such an aircraft is to facilitate the launch of missiles, helping it to get into orbit more easily. The company plans to conduct the first flights, delivering the Pegasus XL missile. Due to the size and capabilities of the aircraft, it can carry three similar missiles, which are often used to transport cargo of various types into orbit.

Such a presentation of the Stratolaunch aircraft indicates that the company is almost ready for real testing of the aircraft. The company created a new safe option for the delivery of various cargoes to near-earth orbit. The first official launch of the aircraft will take place in 2019, and until that time the company plans to continue work on improvements and testing of the device. 

Stratolaunch Systems was founded in 2011 in order to make the delivery of necessary cargoes to near-Earth orbit less costly and more convenient. Thanks to the productive work of many scientists and engineers, the company managed to create a unique aircraft that will soon be able to perform important tasks and will make the process of delivering goods into orbit routine and simple.