Latest news on 4Author project development

Latest news on 4Author project development

The 4Author team continues to develop software for its service. For this purpose, experienced professionals were selected, work on the project is very actively promoted to the beta version of the program. As the developers of 4Author report, by the end of February - beginning of March the practically functioning service will be ready for testing. After the testing is successful and the service begins to function according to all the rules, the team is going to work with lawyers to register the company.

Recall that the 4Author project is a service that protects and protects the rights of Authors, guarantees Webmasters the legality of content and provides advertisers with privileged advertising platforms. The author receives not only the protection of his rights, but also royalties. An Internet resource interested in posting the author’s materials receives legal content and profits from it.

Recently, we reported on the decision of ParkRoaming to include Ukraine in the priority plan for primary development.