Hypercube memo 2018

Hypercube memo 2018

Information sheet for interested partners on the plans of the Hypercube Ventures fund in the field of blockchain development. All the items below are approved by the meeting of the founders, strategic partners and accepted for execution by the fund management. Based on this document, a work plan is developed and a staffing table for 2018 is created. The report on implementation is provided to the constituent assembly at least quarterly and is published publicly on the fund’s resources.

1. Ventureon on his own blockchain.

In the coming year, we will transfer the VNN UDNA to our own blockchain. This step will not in any way worsen the balance and profitability of existing unit holders. But there will be money not subject to such volatility as the other cryptocurrency. For many investors, VNN UDNA will become a safe haven where you can wait when a storm on the market subside.

VNN UDNA’s capitalization is realized not by demand on crypto market, but by real business and projects in it. The initial capitalization is expected at the turn of $ 2 billion. Beginning from the start, 1% of coins will be available from the total, that is 1 million units. There is no provision for additional emission. Growth in value will occur as capitalization increases. As EXITs projects, their share in the capitalization will be replaced by real financial assets and the turnover will receive the next share of coins to finance the following projects. When there is 50% plus one coin in the turnover, we will remove from ourselves the functions of monitoring the blockchain and its control. Further, it will exist as a self-regulating, decentralized structure. According to our calculations, this will happen in the fifth - the seventh year from the moment of launch.

2. Let there be mining

The unit will be mined, but to a limited number of people, on the simple computer. Mining will be open only to our investors - the units holders, after the transition to our own blockchain. In total, it is planned to allow 2048 accounts to mine. This restriction is needed to the earnings of miners don’t bring down and be highly profitable. In the event of an increase in the capitalization and popularity of the coin, the quota for the number of miners will increase proportionally. The calculation scheme is this: increasing the amount of mining by 200% will increase the number of miners by 100%.

3. Certificate of income origin

For the first time in the detachment, mining and other, the following ways of obtaining income will be legalized completely. While maintaining anonymity and decentralization. If you wish, you can have supporting documents on the origin of funds by contacting us. This does not infringe upon the partners of the detachment. On the contrary, it will provide guarantees to those to whom they are needed.

4. Notary

Lack of control and responsibility does not allow to integrate blockchain and real business. We consider the notary to be the solution to this problem. With the introduction of such a function, it becomes possible:

  • to establish cross-border companies;
  • to be credited and give out credits in cryptocurrencies (with registration of pledges, check of a credit history and other attributes);
  • to carry out transactions with real assets (real estate, transport, etc.)

The notary allows organizing and registering cross-border companies, certifying the identity of these companies organizers, the identity of the Unitsale organizers, the identity of creditors and borrowers. Thus the private information is opened only to the notary, so the principle of anonymity is not violated. The notary will work only on a voluntary basis. Open and accessible information will only be the result of a notarial check. Investors will be able to become notaries, if they express the desire and own VNN UDNA. Each action of a notary is paid at his own rates and is confirmed by a blockchain.

5. Escrow Service and Arbitration

In the VNN  UDNA detachment, we also provided an automatic Escrow service and Arbitrage. Disputes are considered by three, five, seven arbitrators from among notaries. The decision of the Arbitration is final and obligatory for execution by the blockchain.

6. Smart contract

To facilitate the procedure for conducting Unitsale on the basis of VNN UDNA, we create the Service Designer of the master contracts without the need for programming. This will seriously support startups with their extremely limited budgets.

7. Atomic transactions

Transfers from a blockchain to a blockchain are something many people dream about. Now this and cross-currency smart contracts will become available on the basis of VNN UDNA. And taking into account the integration of the blockchain system with billing, you get everything in one instrument - input and output of fiat funds, exchanges, transfers, if necessary, the generation of documents for reporting. All options are fixed in the blockchain.

8. Choosing an investment model

All current VNN UDNA holders (including the Hypercube Trust), if they wish, can exchange them for updated coins at the rate of 1:1, without going into shares of projects as envisaged now. To benefit from the growth of the unit cost, mining or from the sale of projects - it’s your choice. This will give you more opportunities to achieve your financial goals.

9. Internet bank.

Integration of the entire blockchain infrastructure with the Hypercube fund ecosystem and with the real world will be the bank that we also plan to establish in 2018.

The timing of the implementation of this plan is not yet disclosed, but the purchase of each  VNN UDNA approximates this date by 1.5 minutes.

We wish you and your family success in the new year and multiplying to your assets!