TetraTerra - not the first glass pyramid in the world?

TetraTerra - not the first glass pyramid in the world?

Since the world learned about the mysterious underwater glass pyramids that were found back in the 20th century in the Bermuda Triangle, scientists have come up with a lot of theories about this event. The most interesting to us seemed a hypothesis about the existence of some underwater race, which erected (or erects so far) these structures. To this race, scientists refer to the Atlanteans, who once lived on the lost island of Atlantis.

In one of his prophecies, the famous clairvoyant Edgar Casey talks about a mysterious crystal that is endowed with immense power. In a state of trance, Casey described the temple of Poseidon, telling that there is a large "hall of light" in it. Here was kept the most important relic for the civilization of the Atlanteans - the crystal of Tuya. Initially, the crystal was used by Atlanteans for peaceful and spiritual purposes. He had the property of absorbing and accumulating solar energy, because of what he was called "a fiery stone."

It is quite real that with the help of their underwater structures, the Atlanteans wanted to convey some important meanings to future civilizations. The art project TetraTerra can be a wonderful continuation of this story and transfer through time the true value that the Atlanteans have left for us. We have put in the idea of ​​TetraTerra a lot of meanings that will be close to any person. After all, our art object is not only a beautiful shell, but also a real historical value. TetraTerra is a time machine, a way to learn about the most significant events in the world, as well as the opportunity for each person to leave a trace in history and to capture his name in the majestic pyramid.

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