Hypercube Billing news of preparation for launch

Hypercube Billing news of preparation for launch

The Hypercube Billing project go to the final line of its preparation for launch. At the moment, the organizers begin work on adapting the project to the requirements of the regulator. All the necessary documents are prepared, the main issues are discussed.

For the average user, the most important problem is the verification and confirmation of the legality of funds (during dealing with large amounts of money). Since the presumption of innocence does not work in the financial sector, the company is forced to adjust to the regulator’s requirements and decisions. At this stage, the project management is discussing this issue in order to arrive at the most loyal and clear decision on this matter.

The Hypercube Billing team together with the managers of Hypercube Ventures made an important decision - investors who invested from 50 VNN will be spared from prolonged and unpleasant procedures for verifying and confirming legality. Hypercube Ventures takes care of its investors and plans to do everything to work with the Hypercube Billing project was simple and enjoyable.

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