Latest news from ParkRoaming project

Latest news from ParkRoaming project

European multilingual service for ParkRoaming auto travellers is being improved and preparing to be launched.

At the moment, the ParkRoaming founders are waiting for a queue for financing, but they do not lose time in vain. The company checks the interaction of GSM-gateways and clarifies their configuration in countries of the first wave - Poland, Slovakia and Hungary. This work has already been carried out in the Baltic countries and in Finland.

ParkRoaming is a single European multilingual service for auto travellers, allowing you to pay for parking, toll roads and road fines throughout Europe. The founders of the startup look forward to the launch of Hypercube Billing, because the payment gateway is one of the foundations of their service.

The company plans to introduce its service in most European countries, where it really needs and is able to develop steadily, benefiting both people and the project creators themselves.

As we told earlier, ParkRoaming is ready to include Ukraine in the priority plan for primary development.