4Author builds long-term plans for the future of the project

4Author builds long-term plans for the future of the project

4Author continues to actively prepare its project for launch. The team prepares the necessary documents, finalizes the software product. And while the preparation is in full swing, the company’s board has thought about the prospects and is building long-term plans.

After starting the protection of text materials, 4Author can start protecting visual materials, such as images or photos. Recently well-known company Kodak also decided to create a project for protecting different photo materials. 4Author in every possible way welcomes this undertaking and congratulates them on increasing capitalization. This decision Kodak and the market reaction to it, a landmark for our project. This allows us to understand that we are really moving in the right direction.

The manufacturer of photo equipment Kodak has entered into an agreement with a startup Wenn Digital, within which the Kodakcoin cryptocurrency will be developed. As a result, the team is going to launch the KodakOne blockbuster platform. According to the idea of ​​the company KodakOne will create an encrypted digital register of property rights, in which photographers can register their work, obtain a license for them and sell for Kodakcoin.

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