Why do we create our blockchain and why do we need our own money

Why do we create our blockchain and why do we need our own money

In matters of finance and when it comes to big money, no one needs to believe. This is especially true for external financial institutions. When an obligation of several billion dollars hangs, it becomes clear that one should rely only on one’s own strengths and capabilities. At the moment, another dangerous area is the cryptocurrency - they should not be trusted either. One day one can wake up and learn that after another correction you are a beggar and with debts of several billion.

The financial sphere is a very treacherous area where one can not be trusted. Often people rely on various reliable, in their opinion, banks. But even here, very unpleasant situations can arise. For example, the bank will need to shut the gap in the accounts and you will get the role of "victim". And a familiar story will begin - imagine a report on the origin of money with documents of the movement of funds up to the 5th level, inclusive. And your money will be blocked and not available for you. And the court in London lasts a very long time and requires very serious expenses of finances and nerves.

Against the backdrop of an extremely volatile situation in the financial market, we decided that it is more reliable to have your money in your own bank. This measure also can not guarantee 100% reliability, but it gives protection against volatility and lawlessness. Now in the world except that the Egyptian pyramids can boast 100% reliability.

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