We were placed on Angel.co!

We were placed on Angel.co!

AngelList was created in 2010. Currently, this platform allows startups to look for investments in the early stages, investors - invest in new companies, and specialists - find work in startups.

And they became interested in the Hypercube Fund, placing important information about our project on their site. Here you can find the description of the project, the main objectives of the company and many other valuable information, which briefly characterizes the fund Hypercube Fund.

In the investment market, where there is so little stability at the moment, it is very important to find a sphere that will make a profit. If not so long ago, people forgot about startups in the real sector, but now this sphere is again gaining momentum in development. Hypercube Fund allows prospective startups to grow and bring profit to their investors. And investors, in turn, help talented teams develop their product and improve it. The Hypercube Fund integrates the benefits for investors and startups in a single product in order to be able to benefit society.

As previously reported, the TetraTerra team prepares the necessary materials for the tender.