AI as the future of electronic technology and human life

AI as the future of electronic technology and human life

The future has prepared for the humanity grandiose changes in the field of electronic technologies related to the use of AI. The head of the famous company Nvidia, Jensen Huang, shared his thoughts on the fate of artificial intelligence and forecasts for the future. 

Soon we will not find a single area where AI is not used, any software with the passage of time will be able to independently learn new skills, learn, perceive reality and plan their actions. "Certain methods of machine learning in the future will be the main approach to the development of software of any type", - said Jensen Huang. In the modern world, many promising projects and start-ups are associated with the development of various software. Soon it will affect the sphere of artificial intelligence - almost every new company will develop and improve methods of AI using. 

Today, AI is an important part of the cloud technology, data processing and storage area. But the world does not intend to stop at this. "Very soon almost any electronic device will work with the use of artificial intelligence. We can see coffee machines, vending machines, cameras, improvised devices working on AI", - Nvidia CEO says. 

10 years ago, Nvidia began working on computational methods that use technology with acceleration on the GPU. The essence of technology in accelerating the application in the field of machine learning and analytics, connecting the CPU with the graphic. In that way some areas of computer graphics, augmented and virtual reality works. 

There is also a development of technologies that will be introduced into the human body. For many years, mankind has been trying to find an optimal way to implement the electronics in the human body, connecting it with the neurons and nerves. According to Huang, when we achieve the maximum development of AI, electronics will become an integral part of the human body. This will be a new step in the development of information technologies and, on the whole, will improve the life of every person.