Difficulties of venture financing or... how Blockchain Ventureon was born

Difficulties of venture financing or... how Blockchain Ventureon was born

Over the past few years, regulators are increasingly tightening the requirements for the circulation of money - "tighten the screws" all the same. Prove them that you do not blast shopping centers, do not sell drugs and do not organize a financial scam, it’s becoming more difficult. By default, for them, we are all criminals, until proven otherwise. Presumption of guilt. In connection with the increased number of crimes against humanity, this is probably understandable. But it seems that real terrorists and organized crime always go one step ahead and find ways to solve their financial problems much earlier than the reaction of authorities comes. It’s like a weapon. The criminal is already with a gun, and you will not be allowed to buy a gun for protection, even if you are robbed.

 Undoubtedly, laundering of dirty money and financing of terrorism is a real and very serious threat to the whole world. But it is used by officials as a fairy tale for suckers. Let’s skip while the fact that in earnings and laundering dirty money most often involved themselves are high-status civil servants... To uncover shadow schemes and catch red-handed should still be able to. Brains are not enough for this and under control, they want to put not "terror money" but your blood. Because terrorists are units, and ordinary people are billions. The state treasury does not earn on them but on you. And the state apparatus is easier to climb into your pocket than to seek and take control of the finances of real terrorists and Mafiosi. Anything that exceeds the minimum subsistence level is an object of close attention to tax and financial control.

 For us, this situation complicates everything double. First, it is necessary to protect clients’ assets from scammers and thieves. Against the backdrop of regular statements about the hacking of cryptocurrency exchanges and the theft of purses for placing customer funds on third-party resources, it becomes an area of special risk. Given the fact that the technology of blockage is very young and cheese, as well as a serious list of the shortcomings in it, it becomes logical to create an alternative site for financing start-ups and developing with it the whole ecosystem.

 Secondly, it is necessary to protect clients’ assets from regulatory bodies. However paradoxical it may sound. The requirements of regulators vary around the world almost every day. Lawyers follow every published letter, by the way. Given that all business is planned and conducted by us exclusively in the legal field, even suspicion of dishonest activity of any of the market regulators can automatically lead to blocking of all transactions and closure of access to accounts. Such an incident will inevitably lead to a panic among customers and we cannot allow this. And this factor also convinces us of the decision to stay out of the regulated banks and keep the assets in our own detachment.

 Thus, important system factors led us to the need to create a Ventureon cryptocurrency. As soon as we started to design it, it turned out that some new cryptocurrency is reliably protected and very profitable for our customers!

Note that all existing crypto-currencies are provided only by market demand. This makes them very unstable, risky speculative tool. But not an object of investment! The difference in the process itself: if trading can be compared with sports - you need to constantly move, be in active movement to keep the initiative, win and lose, then investing looks like planted trees in the garden. The less you interfere with their lives, the better. You get pleasure when in spring there are the first leaves, then flowers, and in the autumn the fruits please their taste.

VNN is not a cryptocurrency in the way we are used to. This is a convertible obligation - a decentralized accounting unit of investment expectations. Other things being equal, it is tied to the euro. Add notary, arbitration, the possibility of deanonymization of the owner at his will, and as a consequence, the officially confirmed origin of income (paid taxes - sleep peacefully). All of this is a necessary infrastructure for conducting a legitimate, open and honest business on any scale, which simultaneously ensures safety and profitability.

It is not superfluous to recall that the VNN cryptocurrency issued for financing start-ups, which means that the value of assets in real business is growing. Before admission to the financing of the project in Hypercube Ventures, we necessarily conduct it Due Diligence (through financial and economic and legal verification). We necessarily lose for ourselves all the variants course of events, including unfavorable ones. We project scenarios, which we will do in a situation, where the team proposing the project cannot cope. Can we help them or recruit a new team and complete the project? And only when we are sure that we will cope, such a project gets approval. By financing a start-up in VNN, we provide cost control, making impossible to misuse financing, which also often happens. The project, going on token sale in VNN, is transparent and safe for the investor.

This is not all benefits of Ventureon. More detailed information about the benefits can be obtained at the site vnn.money. Follow the link to the project website and study the documentation before making a purchasing decision.

And finally, with great pleasure and pride, we present to you the opportunity to participate in the new Ventureon blockchain project . Link to the store: https://vnn.cash.

It will also be useful to take a closer look at the possibility of acquiring mining software pools, which allows you to receive from Ventureon Mining 50€ per day or more. Link to the store: https://vnn.cash.

And for those who do not think their future without the technology of blocking and wants to be of use, we propose to consider the opportunity to become the first in the World Block-Notary.