Attention! We offer you to take a part in our Unitsale!

Sale VNN UDNA by request is open

Sale VNN UDNA by request is open

Excellent news from the Blockchain Ventureon project - the sale of units by request is open. If you purchase up to March 30 inclusive, premium emission will contain 100%.

Blockchain Ventureon is a decentralized platform that allows transactions, atomic transactions and fundraising to launch start-ups. To ensure the regulation of business in the block system, the Notaries/Arbitrators system is included.

To start Blockchain Ventureon, the UDNA account unit (Unit of Demand Notes Accounting) is used, converted into the digital currency VNN later.

More advantages of our detachment and connectivity on the site To get acquainted with the demo version of the pool You can buy VNN UDNA and a mining pool in the store:

Recently we reported on what a unitsale is, and what advantages it brings to the investors.