Learn how to mine with Ventureon: we launch webinar series

Learn how to mine with Ventureon: we launch webinar series

Is it safe to invest in crypto? Or how to use mining, blocking and cryptocurrency forcefully? We invite you to be a participant of the future webinar and get the answers!

While traditional financial systems are looking for ways to speed up their work and raise the level of protection, cryptocurrencies confidently take a position in the list of inventions that changed the world. And not just because it’s a new way of earning for millions computer geeks around the world.

This is the first successful attempt to change the very perception of money since the invention of bank cards and electronic bills.

Managing partner of the venture fund Hypercube Ventures - Victor Sobor and co-founder of the Blockchain Ventureon project - Anton Sobor will tell how to understand all the nuances of the market and turn the blockchain into real earnings.

Since March 15, 2018, starts a series of webinars on this topic. Did you want to know how to teach your money work? We will share all the subtleties of the work of blockchain-technologies, known by developers only. The first webinar "Is it safe to invest in crypto or how to use mining, blockchain, and cryptocurrency effectively?" will start at 5 pm London time.

Plan ahead. Additional information on this event will be sent to your mail in the near future.

Do not miss! We promise that it will be informative, honest and effective.

Join: http://b63905.vr.mirapolis.ru/mira/s/XbtILK
Guest: http://m.mirapolis.ru/m/miravr/6684122384
Participation is free.

Meanwhile, join us Telegram-channel: https://t.me/BC_Ventureon