The program code in the alpha version is ready

The program code in the alpha version is ready

Great news!
Friends, we begin the heading #Developer’s_Diary or #Developer Chronicles. Here we will publish the hottest news from the Blockchain Ventureon development lab. You will find out what the team of the project is currently engaged in, and how the development in general is proceeding.

Such a decision was not made by chance. The trust of investors, partners and early users is extremely important for us. By publishing the information about the progress of work, we are striving to become closer to you and, in the final analysis, to justify your trust by successfully completing the project. And you will be first who will know about it.

So, friends, lets start! We are pleased to inform you that today the program code in the alpha version is completed, and the first mining pool has been successfully deployed in the test mode. In the meantime our programmers plan to deploy seven more pools and conduct the first transactions! We wish them a successful test.

For those who are not familiar with the project, let’s say Blockchain Ventureon is a new iteration of technology development. After the launch of the platform it will be possible to open cross-border companies, carry out transfers from one block to another in a matter of seconds, to clear the cryptocurrency without expensive video cards and not only ... More information on the site.

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