Hypercube Ventures Foundation celebrates its birthday

Hypercube Ventures Foundation celebrates its birthday

"Today it has been a year since we started the venture fund Hypercube Ventures. This time is not only for a festive mood, but also for summing up the results for a given period of time", noted in the company.

"Now the world is on the threshold of the technological evolution in many spheres. Therefore, everything is developing at an exponential rate or even faster. We have managed to launch 6 projects into development, 3 of them can be called innovators of their kind or, if you like, even unicorns!" says Viktor Sobor, the managing partner of Hypercube Ventures.

The rise of the cryptocurrencies at the end of 2017 affected the market situation overall. Despite a certain drop in the rating of the cryptocurrencies, investors are still waiting for recovery and reluctant to deal with venture. At the same time, it is venture capital, which gives legal profitability even higher than for cryptocurrencies.

"Today, we are seeing how banks and governments of different countries have focused their attention on the market of cryptocurrencies. We note even some pressure and attempts to “tighten”, as they say, “the screws” wherever it turns out – it is harder to get a license, etc. But we are optimistic about the future, because practice indicates, these measures are temporary in nature. In addition, we see that our fund is on the rise even under such circumstances", sums up, the managing partner, Viktor Sobor.

Let us recall that the venture fund Hypercube launched projects such as First Venture Insurance, Hypercube Billing, 4Author, ParkRoaming, TetraTerra and, of course, the flagship project Blockchain Ventureon.