Blockchain Ventureon in 2019 will add to the VNN wallets an option of p2p connections

Blockchain Ventureon in 2019 will add to the VNN wallets an option of p2p connections

The developers of Blockchain Ventureon have come up with a ready-made solution for non-standard situations, when there is a possibility of the IP address blockage of the project in some country. As noted in the company, the history of confrontation of Roskomnadzor with Telegram made us think about modeling such a situation and algorithms for its solution.

‘We, as the creators of the project, have thought what will happen if, just like in the case of Telegram, some country decides to block the IP addresses of Blockchain Ventureon? We take care of our investors and partners; weigh all possible risks, so this task was brought up on the agenda. After all, we are not Telegram, and we have only 2583 IP-addresses. I am pleased to say that we have found a quality solution: in 2019, the p2p connection option will be added to the VNN wallets which will solve all these possible nuances’, says Viktor Sobor, the managing partner of Hypercube Ventures.

What this option allows you in practice

Thanks to the option of p2p connections, any system wallet can accept a transaction from another user. For example, you can do this to a user from a blocked territory and transfer it to a blockchain. Also there is an opportunity to return to the sender the result of transaction processing by the blockchain.

Security and mutual benefit

A transit user will not be in any way able to influence or view an outsider transaction, but will be rewarded with a commission for the help of a colleague.

As noted in Blockchain Ventureon, this option will be activated in the wallets on request. And remember, profitable investment is the keystone of your long-term success!