Good news: Ventureon successfully traded VNN for ETN, BTC and back

Good news: Ventureon successfully traded VNN for ETN, BTC and back

This week, as it appears, will be rich for occasions to share victories (crossed fingers) with you. We keep you informed as promised.
Yesterday we wrote that the first atomic swap was carried out from BTC to VNN. Months of preparation have yielded results. And today we report on the successful exchange of VNN on BTC, of ETN on VNN and back. Victory again! Small, local, but it`s our victory. We did not expect any difficulties with this - the mechanism is clear to us, if we went here, we must go back, but boasting in advance is a thankless task.
For experts and proof-lovers we provide links:

  1. Confirmation of Blockchain Ventureon:
  2. Confirmation of BTC:

Links to ETH transfer confirmation:

  2. Online ETH:

And back transaction:

  1. Ours:
  2. Acknowledgment ETH network:
  3. Online ETH:

But for now this is only the beginning. We continue work on peer-to-peer exchanges with gateways of other cryptocurrencies. Now our task is to achieve a transfer from one third-party currency to another. For example, from ETH to BTC. As soon as we get a positive result, we will assume that the mechanism is designed correctly. Next, we will work on integration into the main system and testing under load. Thanks to those who trust us and, especially, those who help! We continue our work and we are ready to answer all your questions in the Telegram channel.