Blockchain Ventureon commented on the attacks on Verge (XVG) and Bitcoin Gold (BTG)

Blockchain Ventureon commented on the attacks on Verge (XVG) and Bitcoin Gold (BTG)

As you know, the other day the Verge (XVG) network suffered a 51% attack. The hacker took about 250,000 coins with a value of $15,000. According to other sources, the attacker made away with $1 million. Privacy-focused cryptocurrency Verge has been compromised.

The announced version in the media is officially this: the hacker used several bugs in the Verge code in order to mine enough new blocks on the distributed Verge registry. As a result, it was virtually possible to control all blocks of the network Verge.

The attack on the Verge network was not the only news in recent days, which to some extent shocked the crypto community. An unknown malicious miner managed to carry out a 51% attack on the Bitcoin Gold network (BTG) last week.

Bitcoin Gold director of communications Edward Iskra said that the malicious minor used the exploit to steal funds from cryptocurrency exchanges.

‘As with our Blockchain Ventureon, we have foreseen similar scenarios as in the case of the attack on the Verge and Bitcoin Gold networks. For example, if we assume that at least one of our pools has been attacked and even hacked, then with the earliest synchronization, the blockchain will simply turn it off until further clarification. This will happen not later than at the formation of a new block, in the interval from 1 second to 3 minutes’, emphasized Anton Sobor, CEO of the Blockchain Ventureon.

According to the created algorithms of the Ventureon technology, each pool on the blockchain is equal to the others, even if one is on a quantum engine and the other on a virtual server. This feature of the system architecture nullifies such provocations on the Ventureon Blockchain, as in the case of the attack on Verge and Bitcoin Gold.

We remind the transit from ETH through VNN in BTC has been executed recently on Blockchain Ventureon. Since the first steps of the implementation of Blockchain Ventureon, the founders of the project have established a tradition of open online step-by-step informing of investors, partners and early users. You can check out more news on the project on the site and on our telegram channel.