Blockchain Ventureon at the SMART TALER 2018 conference in Minsk

Blockchain Ventureon at the SMART TALER 2018 conference in Minsk

May 26, Minsk hosted the annual conference SMART TALER. It was attended by the representatives of the well-known payment system Dash, the team Blockchain Ventureon and many other experts of the fintech-sphere. It is pleasant to note that the majority of the participants were representatives of the younger generation.

 In the last two years, the industry has grown rapidly, the total capitalization of the cryptomarket has exceeded the $ 500 billion mark. But this brings with it new risks. This was discussed in the reports and discussions of the conference and how decentralization helps solve new challenges of our time. Participants raised safety topics in every speech. This involved technical know-how, regulation of market participants’ relations, and the legal purity of doing business in the blockchain.

 The team of the Blockchain Ventureon was no exception. In a public presentation at the SMART TALER 2018, they presented their vision of regulating relations within the blockchain through the introduction of notary and arbitration. Such know-how was announced for the first time and attracted a lot of attention.

 Besides, the guys talked about the technical developments that make it possible to implement their ideas. And the indicators, I must say, really amaze the imagination: fantastic speeds, simplicity in transfers to third-party blockchains - at Ventureon there is everything you need for a modern crypto asset. At the same time, risks are minimized due to internal blockchain regulation. Investors’ safety and reduced volatility will be provided by VNN’s basic value, backed by real financial assets.

 Another useful feature is the ability to exchange directly ERC20 tokens for any currency, without intermediaries. This will please all early holders, including bounty and airdrop participants. After all, even if the ICO project is not placed on any exchanges, they have the opportunity to capitalize their investments by exchanging tokens for more promising crypto assets.

 Let us wonder how the new project was accepted by the crypto community and how they reacted to the ideas of its creators in Minsk. ‘We have taken into account all the problems in the existing blockchains and tried to improve the situation in our project. In the discussion, we looked better than many existing systems, because our indicators are several times higher, and we have enough technical know-how.

 Of course, there were doubters in the conference room. As it turned out, these were the representatives of other large blockchain platforms. Their attempts to accuse us of dishonesty were more like jealousy, and maybe the guys just did not fully understand’, Anton Sobor, the CEO of Blockchain Ventureon, notes with irony. On the participants of the conference and its outcomes can also be read on the website of, High-Tech Club.

 For reference

The bandwidth of Ventureon is three thousand times higher than Bitcoin, and it can minimum carry out from 32 thousand transactions per second. Their confirmation time is up to 3 seconds, the pivotal link is the in-house design consensus algorithm. This promises to the market a service of the best quality and convenience when transferring from one crypto currency into another.