Mining VNN is cheaper than mushrooms ?!

Mining VNN is cheaper than mushrooms ?!

Hello. It’s Monday. And we would like to set a positive attitude for the week to everyone who works with us and monitors the progress of the project. Today’s news is kind of a Shock!

We are pleased that the emission pools are being bought in the store, despite their considerable price. This tells us that the project is interesting and the trust in us is growing. At the same time, requests to make the price lower became more frequent. We understand that for many this purchase became impossible, but the answer is no!

We have already written a lot about the fact that VNN is not about hype and not about speculation. We cannot put the price at a level accessible to a mass buyer and multiply the number of pools to infinity. This goes against our ideology and harms investors (the present and the future ones). Blockchain Ventureon is focused on venture capital. But it would be also wrong to offend our loyal followers. Therefore, we are taking a step forward. And we do it in the spirit of the blockchain community. As an experiment, we decided to give the opportunity to buy pools co-operatively (collectively) by € 100 per share. This week we plan to open this option for sale in the store and study the demand for similar products.

Having chosen the required number of shares in the store, you can choose one pool from a number. Each pool will be managed by one person from among the trusted testers. But the revenues will be distributed by a smart contract. That is, in matters of distribution of profits and transfers to the wallets of their owners, the human factor is excluded.

Attention! It is necessary to distinguish collective wallets from collective ownership of pools. In the first case, it is a collective management of a wallet, which implies trust between owners. In the second, it is a smart contract that distributes income between the co-owners of the pool.

Another important thing. Until August 20, emission pools operate in a test mode. All the data from the blockchain will be reset several times. Before the official launch, the issue is unprofitable, but is tested in a load mode. And what’s more. Do not expect, please, that there will be many of such pools. In August, no more than 15% of the total amount will be launched. Such a compulsory measure is necessary to reduce the risk of inflation and unpredictable fluctuations of the VNN rate.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us on the Telegram. Good luck to you in the coming week!