Toyota will create a flying car Skydrive by 2020

Toyota will create a flying car Skydrive by 2020

The world technology of mechanical engineering does not stand still, and its development is gaining momentum every year. Toyota, being one of the largest car manufacturers, did not stand aside. The company plans to invest $ 370,000 in the Cartivator project within three years. The goal of the creators of the project is to develop a flying car Skydrive. 

Cartivator is working on the creation of a unique three-wheeled device that will work on four rotary engines using the principle of a drone. The Skydrive transport device will become the smallest flying car in the world. Its dimensions, according to the idea, reach 2.9 m by 1.3 m. The creators plan to raise their car to a height of 10 meters above the ground. The speed of the innovative flying device will reach 100 km / h. 

The project was developed back in 2012, and since that time the creation of the flying car Skydrive was carried out at the expense of voluntary donations. After that, Toyota decided to take matters into its own hands. "We will not be able to achieve a high level of development if we simply wait and invest in ready-made technology", - the president of Toyota Takeshi Uchiyamada said.

The team working on the project Cartivator plans to test the first prototype before the end of 2018. The launch of the first commercial flying car Skydrive should coincide with the 2020 Olympics, which will be held in Tokyo.