What are these smart-contracts?

What are these  smart-contracts?

With the appearance of the Ethereum platform, the word smart-contract quickly took root and almost became a synonym for ICO. This term is most frequently used precisely in this bundle. If you hold an ICO, then you need to make a smart-contract.

 - upon reaching a certain amount in the wallet,

-in parts as a percentage of the total,- for certain dates,

-with a certain periodicity, etc.Now the following becomes obvious. In order to increase the chances of obtaining financing, the project team needs to ensure the transparency of its budgetary policy. It should be thoroughly through-out to the very smallest detail and specified in a smart-contract. This excludes a larger number of fraudsters even at the drafting stage of the project prior initial public offering.

Our blockchain offers several useful services. And we are sure that they will become popular. For companies with the structure of the joint-stock company, an electronic voting system will be created. This means that shareholders can make management decisions and vote for them directly from their accounts. It is convenient, fast and very effective.

And another essential point. It might seem complicated, but creating a smart-contract will be easy. This does not require programming skills. We are creating a constructor - you just need to fill out the brief, responding to the questions by moving from start to finish. We recall once again, without understanding the processes taking place in the project, it is impossible or extremely difficult to do.

In the future, we plan to transform this practice into more global projects. For example, e-government or e-voting systems for large joint-stock companies. But this is in the future, as for now we want to know your opinion on the usefulness of smart-contracts for young projects. Write to us at Telegram - we will be happy to discuss these and other issues.