That’s one small step for a startup, one giant leap for technology!

That’s one small step for a startup, one giant leap for technology!

3 ... 2 ... 1 ... START!  For the first time in the world! This is the trick that only Blockchain Ventureon can perform today.

For the first time, the connection of different blockchains via a third party smart contract was made. And that opens incredible possibilities for their application. It’s hard to imagine in what previously unavailable combinations the blockchain will be effectively able to connect counterparties from different parts of the world. New opportunities will be opened both in trading, and in the commercial business, production chains, logistics are optimized ...

Here is the chronology of the transaction with the confirmation links.

Step 1. Transaction from the BTC wallet to the BTC —VNN:

Step 2. The gateway redirects the transaction to the smart contract address:

Step 3. The smart contract accepts the transaction and instructs the ERC20 token to be sent to the specified address in the Ethereum network:

Step 4. And all would be well, but Ethereum has screwed up and lapsed again. The attentive ones will see:

And for the inexperienced we will explain - Ethereum took gas for the transaction as always, but sent a token not to the address of the recipient, but to the wallet of the sender. However, we are not surprised. On the ETH network, almost every transaction is a lottery. But this fact does not detract from a truly landmark event.

Despite the billions invested in the development, the leading blockchain platforms are not yet ready for implementation in real business. They are slow, slow and uncomfortable. The new systems, designed to meet their shortcomings, will fulfill this task. With the help of Blockchain Ventureon it is now possible, for example, to manage digital assets from other blockchains and even by fiat means, bypassing exchanges. Or activate the actions of the smart contract for any planned external events, such as sending an invoice, confirming receipt of a transfer or delay in the delivery of goods. Accept payments for a smart contract from other blockchains. Well, it could be possible to give the homeless John a can of beer out of the vending machine in the shopping center in Orlando for every degree of air temperature rise above 20 °C!  You can automate a lot of useful processes.

For the project, this is certainly one of the most important, traversed points in the road map. The whole team is inspired and is working with even greater zeal. We still have to solve a number of difficult issues. While our project is almost unknown to anyone. It is necessary to enlist the support of large players in order to be accepted into a big game by the market. To do this, we have a talented team, a great idea, improving the infrastructure, blockchain and competitive advantages that we have invested in the product. That’s why we plan to win our place in the sun. And, of course, we will be grateful for any support and assistance in the further scaling of the project.