Official press-release of Hypercube Ventures on the Ventureon project

Official press-release of Hypercube Ventures on the Ventureon project

As of the date of publication of this document, the Ventureon project team has completed the road map a month ahead of schedule. Blockchain Ventureon is completing the test runs and is preparing to be launched on time. We are proud to announce this and are ready to help them move forward according to plan. There is the construction of the infrastructure of the blockchain ahead. The completion of this point will give impetus to all projects of the Fund and will lead the enterprise to the stage of generating revenue.

Once again, we note that Blockchain Ventureon is designed to meet the needs of venture investors and startup projects. The blockchain technology is used only in part. The development team did not apply the crypto community’s open-source developments, but created its own original product. As a result, we have a platform that technologically is in the border format - at the junction of digital money and cryptocurrencies, which led to a conflict of interests that resulted in a legal precedent.

In May this year, in the Internet there were published materials referring to the press release of the OSC (Ontario Security Commission), according to which the company Hypercube Ventures LP was suspected of encouraging investors to purchase "emission pools" in order to generate "VNN crypto currency." At the same time, the OSC indicates that any distribution of securities among residents of Ontario requires the issuance of a prospectus.

Also, the OSC suggested that Hypercube Ventures LP could be involved in schemes for drawing in resident investors in Ontario to trade and invest in crypto-currencies.

All of the above statements are groundless and do not correspond to the information posted on websites administered by Hypercube Ventures LP.

To begin with, Hypercube Ventures LP was never a part of the crypto community: it did not create its own crypto currency, did not hold a public fundraising through the issuance and sale of tokens on the initial placement of coins (ICO).

Hypercube Ventures LP is a venture fund that financed the development of a blockchain of a new generation, Ventureon, without attracting funds from future users. This will allow to transfer all financial operations of the venture fund to the blockchain. At the same time, Hypercube Ventures does not sell its shares or other investment obligations. Accordingly, there is no need to register a prospectus for securities.

As for Ventureon (VNN), this is not a crypto currency. VNN  is digital money that can be released into circulation only after the issuer receives the relevant license. Digital money is not an investment asset, it is a tool of settlements between the ecosystem participants. In addition, digital money can be converted into traditional (fiat) currency at the rate set by the market. If it is desired and if there are offers on the market, the owner of digital money will be able to convert digital money into crypto currency by atomic transactions method.

Emission pool is  a software package that provides the issue of digital money. Owners of emission pools are sub-licensees of the issuing company that have the right to participate in the issue of VNN. The sale of the emission pool is not a sale of securities, since the emission of digital money by software is controlled by a smart contract developed on the basis of Blockchain Ventureon, the issued coins will be used as monetary funds. Emission pool is not an analog of mining farms, it can not be used to obtain crypto currency.

In connection with the foregoing, Hypercube Ventures states:

  • We never risk the funds of investors and do not put their income in dependence on a chance. Hypercube Ventures is the only investor and majority co-owner of Ventureon.
  • Since the date of this document publication, emission pools (EPs) have been removed from the sale till the settlement of the issue. In the sale they will return only after the public refutation of suspicions on the OSC website.
  • On August 20, 2018, the blockchain will be launched as a corporate or centralized service. It will be transformed into public service after building the infrastructure and in full legally justified legitimacy.
  • All obligations of the Ventureon team will be executed by the Hypercube Ventures Fund. Nothing will change for fund investors and end users.
  • VNN emissions through EP will be carried out in a limited number, and existing EP owners will not suffer. Either way, even a corporate blockchain needs working capital in VNN, so the emission program will work. In the future, the VNN emission control will be performed by the infrastructure servers:

o When entering money into the system in any form, coin emission will be made in an equivalent amount.

o When withdrawing money from the system, excess coins in an equivalent amount will be burned.

These measures for the legal improvement of Ventureon are introduced at the time of design and creation of VNN infrastructure, thus the project has time to enlarge the number of its followers and users. Thus, we will save both the project and the funds of the fund’s investors. Anyway, the project will be decentralized, but we, the Hypercube Ventures fund, assume that the financial model of VNN can be changed in the future, depending on market conditions and regulatory actions.

P.S. Comment of the lawyer of the Hypercube Ventures Fund:

The OSC (Ontario Security Commission) expressed the opinion that Hypercube Ventures LP offers investors to purchase "emission pools" in order to generate "VNN crypto currency". At the same time, the OSC indicates that any distribution of securities among residents of Ontario requires the issuance of a prospectus. requires issuing prospectus That is, removing the "superfluous" words, we read: the sale of emission pools that generate crypto-currency is the sale of securities.

What is an emission pool from Hypercube Ventures LP? It is a software that provides the issue of digital money Ventureon (VNN). Therefore, in this case we are talking about the acquiring a license to use a software, the copyright holder of which is Hypercube Ventures LP. The issue and circulation of digital money is regulated not by securities legislation but by laws on payment systems and is located in the Office of National (Central) Banks.

Well, all right, we will sort out the nature of VNN somehow, and after obtaining the appropriate license everything will be in place, and it will be quite clear who is right and who should apologize.

But the conclusions of the OSC should alert the sellers of the mining farms and cloud mining. After all, they certainly "generate" cryptocurrency. So by offering to purchase a mining farm, the seller actually sells the investment instrument. Without knowing it, the buyer of a mining farm does not conclude a contract of sale, but an investment agreement! And it is not necessary to conduct ICO here. In Ontario, you are already suspected of violating the securities legislation, respectively, you risk to get under the appropriate sanctions of the regulator. First, register a prospectus for the issue of mining farms, read, securities, then sell. Or the situation with the regulation of the market of cryptocurrencies comes to a complete absurdity and the "experts" of the OSC simply do not understand the issues of cryptocurrencies, mining and everything else that is connected with this.

Therefore, any claims to Hypercube Ventures LP simply have no ground.