Blockchain Ventureon: planned launch took place!

Blockchain Ventureon: planned launch took place!

Well, friends, we have all been waiting so long, and this day has finally come! As promised, today, August 20, at 20:00 UTC (at 23:00 in Kiev, Moscow, Minsk) Blockchain Ventureon has been launched in work mode.

For those who have not been following our news for a long time, we inform that the project has changed its owner and has been fully funded by the venture fund of Hypercube Ventures at its own expense.

The Blockchain Ventureon infrastructure will become a carrying platform for all follow-up investment projects of the Fund, as well as will accelerate startups, have being under development, such as TetraTerra, First Venture Insurance, Hypercube Billing, 4Author, ParkRoaming.

As it is written by fans in our communities, we have our own SatoshismileAfter all, our developers have created their original product, without using the open practices of crypto-community. In the process of its development and testing, we proved that the minimum working configuration for providing the required Blockchain Ventureon speeds is only 32 emission pools (EP).

In the next few days, we will publish procedures for creating wallets and exchanging tokens for coins. Follow the news. See you soon!