Exchange of VNN tokens for coins: the process has been started

Exchange of VNN tokens for coins: the process has been started

Welcome, our friends, investors and partners! Today we received the confirmation from the project team that yesterday’s launch of Blockchain Ventureon passed without a hitch. This is not surprising, because the system has been tested for a long time not only by developers, but also by opinion leaders.

So, everything that we promised was fulfilled 100% and ahead of schedule. Our priorities have remained unchanged: to provide for you, our users, the most convenient and comprehensible blockchain. So yesterday, our blockchain was successfully launched. The next step is to exchange your tokens from your Personal Accounts to VNN coins. To do this, we ask you to create a VNN web wallet in the near future. The exchange will take place when the emission proceeds and in order of priority. Follow the news – all the fun is just beginning!

Instructions for creating a web wallet

We have made sure that the creation of a web wallet was as simple as possible for you. So, let’s start:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the password that you remember and do not lose it in any way. You cannot recover your password!
  3. After entering the password, click on "Create New Wallet" button - a File-key will be created, which automatically downloads to your computer via the browser (check the folder where the documents are downloaded when browsing the browser). Do not lose or delete the File-key!
  4. You can enter the web wallet here

It is important to know

Be careful: the password from your web wallet and File-key are not subject to recovery due their loss!

For reference

Inside the VNN wallet, you will be able to navigate transparently in all processes due to the variety of types and statuses of VNN coins. Read more about this in our previous post.