Blockchain Ventureon: оne month after the launch

Blockchain Ventureon: оne month after the  launch

Welcome everyone who has been following the Ventureon Blockchain project for quite a long time!

Friends, the project team has recently celebrated its first anniversary-a month since the launch of our blockchain. We have asked the heads of all divisions to share the results achieved so far.

The leading developers of the project, has informed us that during the blockchain work the development team has received a number of reviews on work of the wallet and system from our users, which has helped to improve operatively the user interface and to accept important solutions for the development of key points Ventureon Blockchain.

Recall that Ventureon Blockchain was initiated a year ago. During our development our project has gone through a hard way, and, only thanks to the experienced team of developers, we have created blockchain-platform of the third generation, designed to meet all market participants needs that are faced daily.

"The team has created and tested the basic smart contracts for the transferring of fiat funds from the personal cabinet on Ventureon Blockchain. That allowed unifying the scattered data and providing users with a convenient mechanism for their control. The work on the blockchain goes as planned, and we will gladly create new features for you in the near future!" the development team said.

The security of user data and the protection of all financial transactions carried out on the blockchain is provided by specialists from the legal department. They in turn also congratulated investors and partners of the project and informed how the legal registration of documents on the Ventureon digital money issuance is proceeding.

"Ventureon Blockchain has been successfully operating for a month, and we want to congratulate both our investors and the entire team working on this project! The legal department is guarding the legality and protection of each operation and every dollar that had been invested in the project. The work on legal registration of the digital currency issue, on the basis of our blockchain, continues. All this in turn will influence the growth of the value of VNN Solution shares".

We thank all who follow closely the project development; thanks to your feedback, we become even better and more convenient for you. Profitable Investments to you!