Blockchain Ventureon: results after launch

Blockchain Ventureon: results after launch

Hello our friends and subscribers! As the present 2018 year draws to a close, we decided it is time to sum up the interim results.

For cryptoinvestors, the entire 2018 year was quite tense. Against the backdrop of a global fall of the cryptocurrency market, only those backed by actual assets, such as gold or fiat currencies, have withstood. They are called stable cryptocurrencies. We are proud to announce that the Blockchain Ventureon - VNNS token is among them, which only confirms the correctness of the course we have chosen and its investment attractiveness.

As we have informed, the Blockchain Ventureon project is one of the important startups invested by Hypercube Ventures. ”Our foundation has launched 6 most interesting startups - First Venture Insurance, Hypercube Billing, 4Author, ParkRoaming, TetraTerra and, of course, the“ pearl ”of the first pool of projects - Blockchain Ventureon. Thanks to the important infrastructure solutions of Blockchain Ventureon, we will be able to combine classic venture capital investment with such advanced technologies as blockchain”, managing partner Victor Sobor said in one of his interviews.
Blockchain Ventureon was launched just three months ago and has already proven the previously stated transaction processing speed and throughput of the platform. According to the analysis of the main indicators of the project during this time spent by our specialists, the dynamics show steady growth.

Since September, the project investors have already received monthly dividends, which make up 5-15% of the investment amount. The development team continues to work enthusiastically on improving the infrastructure projects of the blockchain platform as planned, the legal department is developing documentation for obtaining a financial license. By the spring of 2019, it is planned to obtain a license for issuing e-currency VNN, after which the withdrawal of dividends in € will become available.

After obtaining a financial license, such infrastructure solutions of blockchain will be available as:
● Input / output, exchange and other transactions between digital, real financial, and cryptocurrency assets;
● Smart contracts and their supporting tools - will enable you to automate and organize routine financial tasks, manage assets in any form;
● Advertising and information services;
● Notary, arbitration and emergency response systems.
The most important thing for investors is that dividends from all infrastructure projects start to be generated literally from the first day of their launch.

For reference
Blockchain Ventureon is a completely new iteration of the development of technology, which provides protection against volatility, by providing the supporting value of VNNS real financial assets. Today, investments in the Blockchain Ventureon infrastructure are the most reliable means to increase your investment. Join now! Profitable investments to you!
With endless care for our customers, the Hypercube Ventures team