Blockchain Ventureon: What are the outcomes of the negotiations with China?

Blockchain Ventureon:  What are the outcomes of the negotiations with China?

About a month ago we wrote that partners from China were seriously interested in the possibility of using the Blockchain Ventureon platform for making cross-border payments. We promised to keep you informed of the latest events, so here are they. Yesterday, negotiations with Chinese partners were successfully completed, there were discussed the nuances of fruitful cooperation with the most popular trading platforms of the Heaven Empire and the timing of launching test payments on the Ventureon Blockchain.

At the end of the meeting, both sides agreed that the Ventureon Blockchain platform would be used in China-Europe cross-border trade not only for payments, but also for tracking orders. Thanks to the use of blockchain technology, information on all orders is reliably protected from deletions or changes and is available for the client tracking at any time. Among the future users of Blockchain Ventureon are such popular worldwide retail platforms as Alibaba, Aliexpress, TaoBao.

Cooperation with China for us is not only an incredible prospect and an opportunity to express ourselves but a huge responsibility towards our partners and investors. This amount of payments involves a high bandwidth-blockchain capacity and transaction confirmation speed, which fully complies with the characteristics of the Ventureon platform. This fact cannot but please our investors, because thanks to a large number of transactions passing through the Ventureon Blockchain, their investments will grow steadily. Well, we promised – we are doing!

According to the agreement with the Chinese partners, the first test payments on the Ventureon Blockchain will be held in February next year. As for trial operation, it is tentatively set for the end of February. At the end of March - April 2019, a full-fledged launch of cross-border payments is planned. All the excitement is still ahead, follow our news!

With care for you, Hypercube Ventures Team