VNN - a promising tool for making cross-border payments

VNN - a promising tool for making cross-border payments

The other day, negotiations were held with representatives of one of the Chinese retail networks, who were seriously interested in the possibility of using VNN as a means of making cross-border payments on our Blockchain. In 2019, the Chinese retail project is preparing for a full-scale entry into the Ukrainian market. For cross-border payments, our Chinese partners are considering a tool that meets a number of important criteria, such as

  • legality (no cryptocurrency with their unstable legal status)
  • independence (circulation on its own blockchain)
  • nomination in euros.

We will not hide, cooperation with China for us is a great opportunity to show all the advantages of the Ventureon Blockchain in practice. On our part, our partners demanded the complete readiness of the infrastructure not later than April 2019.

We will keep you informed.

A reminder

In connection with the development of the Blockchain Ventureon project in a dynamic progression, the management of the Hypercube Ventures Foundation has been notifying all investors and partners that from November of this year the evaluation of the project cost growth will occur weekly. The Accelerator program has a weekly moratorium on increasing the price of VNNS shares. Take advantage of this time wisely. Choose only profitable investments!

With endless customer care, Hypercube Ventures team