In March the Sale of the VNNS-NS Shares with a Buyback Right will Be Stopped

In March the Sale of the VNNS-NS Shares with a Buyback Right will Be Stopped

It’s only been a few months since the Chinese partners first became interested in the opportunity to use Blockchain Ventureon as a platform for cross-border payments.

 And today, the product of successful negotiations with China, the project Nordship, has come to the finish line:

  • The first testing of the system were made and working capacity of the platform was proven,
  • there were opened the Nordship companies in Moldova and Ukraine,
  • The scheme of interaction with businessmen from Russia has been developed.

 The next step will be legal registration of licensed representative offices in Moldova, Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.

 From April, there will be organized the first advertising campaigns on the offer of the Nordship license agreement to interested businessmen in million-plus cities of these countries, which will drastically reduce the availability of profitable selling points.

Attention! On March 31st, the sale of the VNNS-ns shares with a buyback right stops. Manage to become the owner of the existing project with minimal investment risks and receive dividends in the amount of 25% to 40% per year.

 Let us remind you, only until April 30, you can buy a license Nordship with a discount of 50%. Do not miss your chance, place your order right now on the website of the Accelerator program. Until the end of March, the value of VNNS and VNNS-ns shares will be increased by 9.5%.