Crisis is no Problem for Capitalization

Crisis is no Problem for Capitalization

The Hypercube Ventures Foundation is confidently moving in along the projected course, providing investors with absolutely legal and highly profitable instruments for increasing capital investments. Our main mission is unchanged - the fulfilment of obligations to our investors

 Last year, Hypercube Ventures successfully launched the Accelerator Program project. The Accelerator includes startups that have already passed the selection, have MVP and are actually ready to launch.

 For completeness, here are some numbers. Of the 7 startups that were launched into development, we currently have the following results:

  • Blockchain Ventureon is successfully working as a grounded platform for other projects,
  • the Nordship project is preparing for the opening of the first licensed offices in the CIS countries,
  • ParkRoaming and TetraTerra are in the pre-launch stage.

 Last year, the total capitalization of the investment portfolio was 30%.

 Attention, the important information for those who have not yet managed to invest in the Fund projects. Starting April 11, the shares value of Blockchain Ventureon, TetraTerra and ParkRoaming will be increased by 10% and 21% respectively. Do not waste your time in vain, the crisis is the best time for new opportunities!