Nordship Project Starts Cooperation with the Main Postal Service of Ukraine

Nordship Project Starts Cooperation with the Main Postal Service of Ukraine

Despite the crisis, the projects of the Hypercube Ventures Fund are moving forward confidently. Today we want to share another important event in the life of the Nordship project.

 Recently representatives of Hypercube Ventures have initiated negotiations with the Directorate of the National Postal Service operator "Ukrposhta". During the familiarization with the project, Ukrposhta was interested in joint cooperation and even offered several variants of its implementation.

 After negotiations, it was decided to launch a joint pilot project to deliver the goods ordered on the Nordship platform from the Ukrpost office directly to the address of the Licensed representative office. In addition, Ukrposhta proposed to allocate a separate manager to respond promptly to various issues related to the delivery of Nordship goods.

 Another welcome news for investors: a new investment product has been added on the Accelerator’s website — an electronic voucher of a 5% loan, which provides for the possibility of obtaining a 5% monthly remuneration of the Nordship Licensed Representation Office (LRO) turnover. Only in April, there are favourable terms to vouchers’ purchase - an additional bonus to the remuneration. You can purchase an electronic voucher in installments.

 For those who have been considering launching their own business from scratch for a long time, the best option will be the Nordship license agreement. We would like to remind you that until April 30, we offer 50% discount for the Nordship license. Don’t miss the opportunities that open up!