Benefits of the NordShip License Agreement

Benefits of the NordShip License Agreement

For a start-up entrepreneur, a business from scratch is a great stress, which in a context of economic instability can nullify the development efforts. A reasonable solution to this problem would be a purchase of a ready-made business model. The service sector is recognized to be highly profitable in this kind of business. What is the attractiveness of a NordShip license for an investor? We are going to figure this out.

The NordShip license agreement is a complex of software, legal, advertising and marketing support of the licensed representative of the NordShip company for the provision of services for the order and delivery of consumer goods from China and other South-East Asian countries.


 The software is integrated into Blockchain Ventureon, whose bandwidth is 34 thousand transactions per second, and the confirmation of one transaction lasts less than 3! seconds The deep protection (2583 servers) and the blockchain Ventureon bandwidth will enable the prompt processing of customer orders and provide a high level of service on the market.

 After formalizing the license agreement, the owner of the NordShip license will receive the right to install the software on its own equipment for further use and logon tools. In addition to the license to start you need to rent a space and buy a monobloc. Licensee’s remuneration will be about 10% of turnover depending on the country and region.

The license agreement is valid 365 calendar days from the date of the first order. Upon expiration of the license can be renewed.

In April, an advertising campaign will start on the proposal of a license agreement for NordShip in the million-plus cities of such countries as Ukraine, Moldova, later Russia and Belarus. In this regard, the number of available points of profit will be reduced.

Read the information about the project, weigh the pros and cons and make a reasonable decision. You can become the owner of the license agreement on the Accelerator program site.