$ 30 billion a day: why can’t we do it?

$ 30 billion a day: why can’t we do it?

We are often asked the question: “Is the project Nordship as promising as you write about it?” Let’s try to figure it out using open source information.

About competitors

In just 5 years, the Chinese platform AliExpress has not only taken a leading position in the e-commerce market in the CIS countries, but also firmly holds them, displacing local services from the market (Rozetka, La Moda, Prom.ua, Shop.by, etc.)

Reasons for popularity

The first association that comes to mind when mentioning Chinese goods is price. A considerable role in the growth of popularity of the service has been played by the creation of its own, and now international, payment system AliPay, which processed up to 256 thousand transactions within a second. Users received a reliable (user protection guarantee) and convenient service to pay for goods inside AliExpress, and the company gained additional profits, thus switching all financial flows to themselves.

Interesting fact

The most interesting thing is that the founder of the company, Jack Ma, was not friendly with the Internet at all. Nevertheless, it did not stop him from founding a company that not only conquered the Chinese market but also the online trading market all over the world.

Only numbers

And we compare the number of goods ordered with AliExpress in the CIS countries, such as Russia and Ukraine. Russia came out on top in this madness in the number of purchases, so we will start with it.


According to a study carried out by AITC (The Association of Internet Trade Companies), in 2016, the majority of Russians’ expenses in foreign online stores fall on China - 53%. The share of parcels attributable to Chinese stores has already reached 93%.


As reported by the GfK Group in its report for 2016, Ukrainians left from 35 million to 40 million dollars on the AliExpress website, the number of Ukrainian parcels was 30-40 thousand daily. According to the Factum Group, over the past year, the number of unique users from Ukraine visiting AliExpress has grown to 5,099 million Ukrainians. Only on Black Friday, Ukrainian customers spent more than $ 9 million (about UAH 240 million) on the Chinese sites, having carried out over 517 thousand orders.


Under conditions of increasing taxes on parcels from China, it can be concluded that incredible prospects are opening up for the Nordship project. 80% of success is to show up in the right place at the right time! It is in such a successful situation the Nordship project will be able to occupy a segment of the market where there is no one else! Follow the news, all the excitement is still ahead.