Nordship: Full Speed Ahead!

Nordship: Full Speed Ahead!

- Make the Sails! Full Speed Ahead!

Only 5 months for preparation and launch to be exactly on schedule, the team worked selflessly without weekends and holidays, preparing the launch of the Nordship project to be just in time. And this day has come: the first Licensed Representative Office is open in Ukraine, and therefore, Nordship hits the open waters of business. Applause to the team and our congratulations to investors!

After the first, there will be followed by the opening of Licensed Representative Offices in all CIS countries, in all areas of large cities and small towns. Even if an average monthly turnover of each LRO equals €10000, there will be huge profits, and therefore dividends for investors!

Nordship Project is to be provided free entry to the market due to:

  • the increase of taxes on parcels from China in almost all CIS countries, and
  • the huge number of potential customers (about 45%) according to the report of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

Well, the circumstances are acting in our favor, which means 80% of Nordship’s success is in its bag!

Join while there still time! Until the end of April, a 50% discount applies to the Nordship license, and the owners of electronic vouchers will get a bonus + 5% or + 10% to the profit for purchasing in April.

Fair winds and following seas, and, of course, high profits!