Apple Corporation first revealed its plans in the automotive market

Apple Corporation first revealed its plans in the automotive market

There are a lot of conversations about the active development and expansion of Apple for several years. Analysts for two years have been assumed that soon the company will start to master the TV market, but Apple’s plans went much further. A major step in the development of iOS technology will be entering the automotive market. 

For the first time in a long time, Tim Cook, the head of the company, shared Apple’s plans to develop the car market. Earlier it was thought that the corporation would work on the development of its own car with the Apple logo. But this information was disproved, and Tim Cook said that the company’s specialists decided to focus on developing their own technology of unmanned driving. Such technologies can be used in completely different areas and for solving a wide variety of tasks. 

The head of the corporation also told that Apple is zealously developing technologies for autonomous systems, one of which will become a self-governing car. Tim Cook shared his thoughts on this technology and said that autonomy is one of the main components of all projects that are related to artificial intelligence.

The head of the corporation considers autonomous management as an extremely important technology, and the latest developments of Apple on the basis of autonomy will be able to solve many different tasks. Details of the work of the company’s specialists with unmanned driving technologies have not been disclosed, but now we can assume that Apple plans to make a breakthrough in the sphere of self-controlled systems.