Flying taxi or how to save time on a trip

Flying taxi or how to save time on a trip

Trips take a person a lot of time, which he could spend more pleasantly and useful. Therefore, scientists from all over the world are trying to invent a type of transport that will fully meet the needs of modern man. So the company Airbus has the idea of developing an innovative flying taxi. About the project Vahana the public heard in 2016. The goal of the developers of this project is to make trips faster and to save the city from traffic jams.

Vahana is an unmanned vehicle that can accommodate one person. He works on the basis of vertical takeoff, which allows him to park anywhere, regardless of the surface. Thanks to a powerful engine and 8 rotors, the Vahana can cover a distance of 80 km in about 18 minutes. With the help of a special application on the smartphone, transport can be ordered to your home and quickly reach your destination. Using the usual transport, a person spends hours because of traffic jams and heavy traffic. And Vahana allows you to get to the right place in minutes. 

Airbus plans to launch its project in 2020. Prior to this, the developers are going to devote time to thorough testing and Vahana’s expert research. The final product, as is suggested by the company, will be able to fly on a distance of 100 km. Soon, the innovative unmanned vehicles Vahana will be able to become a true assistant to modern man.