On April 27, 2017, the official start of the project was announced

On April 27, 2017, the official start of the project was announced

A month earlier the site https://hypercube.vc was ran and the selection of the most promising projects from the investment perspective was made. In the first pool of funding, startups, offering solutions from the field of electronic payment systems, copyright protection, electronic service for motorists and crowdfunding project of creating an art object, were involved. All of it, according to experts, have shown itself as viable and giving value to users. An important criterion for the selection was also the availability of a qualified team or an initiator with a high expertise in business management.


In addition to financial support, the organizers of the fund plan to involve specialists and mentors for projects. That allows it to get help in the value-oriented product design, create a marketing strategy and organize sales in foreign markets. If you are working on perspective technologies that can benefit people, HyperCube is created just for you. Tell us about your idea and get an investment for its development.

Investors are given the opportunity to find the most interesting start-up and profitably invest their money. Hypercube - is a versatility and flexibility. Go for investments!