The Tesla factory in Fremont, where most of the work is done by robots

The Tesla factory in Fremont, where most of the work is done by robots

Tesla electric cars are widely known all over the world. The company’s manufacturing plants are located in many cities and countries. But the factory in Fremont has something distinctive, which makes it very interesting. This is an enterprise in which most of the ordinary works on the production and assembly of cars are performed by robots.

The area of the Californian factory Tesla reaches 500 thousand square meters, and on its territory 6 thousand employees who are responsible for many things and control the operation of robotic systems. The shoulders of robots are responsible for the rest of the work. They work with the production of large and small parts for electric cars, processing and welding it. In 2017, the company decided to implement on its plant almost 450 robots Kuka, responsible for quality assembly of cars. Other systems are responsible for simpler tasks, for example, painting finished machines. People working at the plant in Fremont, carefully monitor the performance of tasks and control the production of working parts for electric cars Tesla.

The California factory for the production of world-famous Tesla cars combines strict conservatism and modern trends, which made it possible to combine human labor and robotic systems in one plant.