We moved to the next stage of the Unitsale!

We moved to the next stage of the Unitsale!

September 26 at 15:00 UTC (18:00 Moscow time) there was the transition to the next stage - an open pre-sale of the unit Ventureon (VNN). The price of 1 VNN unit at this stage is 8.5 € ~ $ 10. The goal at an open presale is $ 1,000,000. The minimum investment is 1 VNN unit.

At the stage of open pre-sale discount will be 50%. It means that early investors will receive a guaranteed 2-fold profit in a few months only at the expense of a discount.

Start Unitsale will be on November 1, the cost of units will be from 13 to 20 $. Hurry to buy VNN units at the most attractive price and get the opportunity to participate in a legal Unitsale, repeatedly increasing your assets.

Because of the transition to the next stage, the address of the smart-contract was changed. To get a new address, click on the link to the Ventureon Unitsale project site.

In the "Open pre-sale" window, click on the "Buy VNN" button. In the field that appears, enter your e-mail address, to which you will receive a new smart address to buy VNN. You can buy VNN units for ETH and BTC. Be careful! The higher the GWEI, the faster the transaction will be. You can track all transactions here: https://etherscan.io.



- you do not have the Ethereum or Bitcoin wallet, or

- you do not know how to acquire a cryptocurrency, or

- you just have no time to delve into the essence of blockchain technology, but

you want to take a part in Unitsale and get VNN units, without missing an advantageous point, you can do next steps.

Make an order to purchase the desired number of units in the Investor’s Personal Account. Your VNN-units will be credited to your account in here. At any time, on request, you can transfer them to your cryptocurrency wallet or withdraw through exchange services. During confidential storage VNN-units will be under the professional management of Hypercube Trust - this will ensure their safety and cost growth.

Profitable investments for you!