Lost billions

Lost billions


If you follow the development of the cryptocurrency market, you obviously know how rapidly the price of bitcoin has increased in a matter of months. September did not become an exception - bitcoin grew to $ 5,000 per coin. The capitalization of the unit exceeded $ 80 billion, while the capitalization of the market, in general, is $ 170 billion. Such cryptocurrency unit behavior opened to the world Unitsale with interesting startup ideas. The most stable Unitsale - startups, based on a real functioning product, for example, Unitsale Ventureon, which can be interested for investors. The figure is striking in scale, but too many people don’t know about the reverse side of the medal. According to Forbes journalists, the huge part of units is simply dead and will not be released to the market. 


The analysts decided to check the wallets where units are stored in. As it turned out, most of them were considered dead because no one had made any transactions since 2013 from them. At the time, virtual currency was an abstract, but very interesting acquisition. Therefore, many bought this cryptocurrency and calmly forgot about it for many years, losing or forgetting the keys to wallets. 


The analysis confirmed that there are more than 3 million bitcoins in the world that were "lost". The same number of coins of other cryptocurrencies, whose capitalization is not less than $ 30 million. In the end, out of $ 144 billion, the volume of lost coins that will never go to the market is $ 21 billion. Together with the forgotten keys from cryptocurrency wallets, people lost thousands, millions and billions. 


Bitcoin and other large cryptocurrency units are growing in value, but this is no longer good news. Due to a surge in capitalization growth, it becomes dangerous for an investor to deal with it. Experts advise choosing more stable sources of income, such as venture funds. Funds and venture companies often offer better conditions and a stable growth in investment. Assets of investors, invested in a particular startup may simply be lost, as not every startup easily comes to success. On the contrary, the venture fund offers the opportunity to invest in several projects at once, thereby protecting investors from the risk of losing all the money. A successful example of such a venture fund is Hypercube Ventures, which combines benefits for both the investor and the startup creator. Always choose the means of capital multiplying wisely, and venture funds help you to save your time and expenses.


As previously reported Service FoxUnitsale rated the Ventureon project for 7 out of 10 points!