Problems of fiat funds in Unitsale projects investing

Problems of fiat funds in Unitsale projects investing

More and more companies are going to work with the Unitsale to attract additional funds to develop their product. There is an opinion that only people who own cryptocurrency can work with it and buy units. And it is partly true. After all, there are a lot of opportunities and ways for those who want to invest in Bitcoin or Ether today. But how to be and what to do if the project is interesting to you, but you have the opportunity to invest in it only using fiat money? Here the main problem is.

Investing in Unitsale projects in the cryptocurrency - there are no questions. You just look at the rate of unit to the cryptocurrency you are interested in and converse the number of coins you need to the project account. But what about real money, such as dollars, euro, rubles, and others? There may be a problem with the transfer of your funds to the cryptocurrency, which you need to converse again to buy a unit. These complicated procedures entail commissions, overpayments and simply wasting time and resources to properly understand a lot of the subtleties. It’s not profitable for every of parties. You lose quite a lot of funds, and in the end, you get a smaller number of units than what you were going to buy. Plus, the investor has to open additional accounts, understand the procedure for transferring the dollar or another currency, which entails many more complexities. And not everyone owns cryptocurrency in addition.

The problem of investing fiat money into units also applies to Unitsale projects. Example: the audience is very reduced, if the company does not provide the possibility of a simplified transfer of real funds into units. This often stops a person from investing in Unitsale project. Most investors will spend their money indirectly investing in some interesting startups, they don’t want to lose a good part in the funds because of commission. This entails another problem - the company sells less units to the investor than in the case if the transfer were made directly without additional conversions.

The totality of these complexities requires a right solution. Hypercube Billing is aggregator what is aimed at simplifying for clients investment with the help of fiat money. Aggregator work with Visa and MasterCard, and then with all major electronic payment systems: PayPal, Skrill, WebMoney and others. The legal moments are handled by experienced lawyers and completely resolved. The connection of each currency will take about 2 or 3 weeks. Hypercube Billing covers the full range of payment needs of various Unitsales. Receiving of fiat money using the system will be standard and simplified. To connect the representatives must register themselves and verify necessary documents. Next, experts conduct website analysis, and also verification and connecting of payment forms. Hypercube Billing is a solution, minimized the cost of resources and time to Unitsale project and investor who has decided to invest their funds.

Currently, Hypercube Billing - it is the system that allows you to streamline electronic settlements easily and quickly, and also legalize the turnover of electronic money. That is why it’ll help any investor and business projects in the virtual space.

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