Google will prepare people for the automation of various professions

Google will prepare people for the automation of various professions

Google Corporation is well known for its original products and unique approach to work. Since the very beginning of its existence, the team has done a lot of work, becoming one of the most famous companies in the world. Now Google is puzzled that more and more professions are emerging in the world, where skills to work with automated systems are required, but people who have these skills are sorely lacking. It is why the corporation decided to allocate $ 1 billion for a training program for people from all over the world skilled work in this field. Google plans to invest this money in non-profit organizations, which will be engaged in training. 

Until the end of 2022 Google is going to reduce the number of unskilled workers in the field of automated systems and help many people from different countries with employment. A certain number of volunteers of the company will be allocated, which will help organizations with conducting a correct and effective training program. 

Also the company introduced the latest project Grow with Google - it is a training program for professional growth of users. The service includes an extensive set of tools, such as training programs and grants. These materials’ll make it easier and more effective to teach students, teachers, small business owners and others. Anyone can find in Grow with Google that section and those programs which help him personally. 

The range of possibilities of the training program from Google includes the maximum number of diverse spheres and professions with the use of automation and other modern technologies. After completing the training, many people can also go to create startups. Now a lot of startups are working in the field of technical development. And they are financed in particular by venture funds and companies. Funds help young projects develop and make their product better. Hypercube Ventures fund allows prospective teams to receive funding for their development. And also the fund helps investors in a short time to increase their incomes.

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