Uber with the help of the Barclays bank created its own credit card

Uber with the help of the Barclays bank created its own credit card

Uber is a company that has become famous all over the world. The taxi of this once-startup has become one of the most popular in many countries. But, as it became known earlier, a taxi is not the only service the company is going to offer.

During the conference Money2020, Uber announced the creation of its own credit card, which will be operational from November 2. In order to receive an Uber card, the customer must apply for the purchase using the Uber application. In just a few minutes he will be able to use the virtual version of the card, which you can pay with in travel with a Uber taxi, as well as to order food from the UberEats service. To get a plastic card, you have to wait a little - within a week the company’ll send it to the user home by mail.

To its customers, Uber offer several credit rates: 15.99%, 21.74% and finally 24.74%. The card has no limit, and the rate will be chosen after assessing the creditability of a particular client. The use of such a card brings you some pleasant additions. The customer does not have to pay for the card service - this service is completely free. If the customer within 90 days after receiving the card makes purchases for $ 500, he’ll receive $ 100. The user can also use all the advantages of cashback during paying with a card to rent, buy tickets or paying in restaurants.

The creation of such a card gives Uber the opportunity to have access to data of their customers’ purchases. At the moment, the company can track daily trips of almost 10 million people.

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