The US government invests about $ 200 million in foreign venture funds

The US government invests about $ 200 million in foreign venture funds

The US government plans to spend hundreds of millions of dollars in venture capital funds from various countries within the framework of the expanded federal program of investment deposits. Within the OPIC program, approximately $ 200 million has been allocated to contribute into 10-15 funds, which focus on social development in foreign countries. The exact amount of allocated money may be different, but it is expected that it will amount to hundreds of millions of dollars.

It will effectively act as a limited partner, expanding its program for venture capital overseas. This expansion occurred at a time when the authorities were trying to reduce external assistance. The initial budget project Trump, in fact, called for the rollback of OPIC and its elimination. But in an interview, a member of the program assured the public that he had broad support from the highest levels of the current authorities.

The budget of this comes from Congress, but the money that it attracts is being returned to the US Treasury. The board of OPIC includes the Secretaries of Labor and Commerce, as well as several specialists from other areas.

OPIC is interested in venture investment in both developing funds and efficiently operating funds. Although they are going to invest in all social spheres, it will also retain the ability to abandon the venture company’s specific investments if the company does not comply with US foreign policy. OPIC are going to invest in regions such as Africa, Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

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