The real estate market again begins to function actively after the Great Recession

The real estate market again begins to function actively after the Great Recession

Since the Great Recession has caused great damage to the real estate market in the United States, startups working in the sector have started to appear again. According to PitchBook, companies engaged in technology in real estate, finally get a lot of attention from venture capitalists. More and more investors began to be interested in this area. The real estate industry has been popular for many years. It was believed that it is one of the most successful and promising areas to invest. But the Great Recession sank many successful businesses. Therefore, investors began to look for where to invest money.

After an almost dry period from 2009 to 2012, investors are beginning to demonstrate the belief that the technology of real estate is a worthy startup investment. At least two such projects have already reached the unicorn status with an estimate of $ 1 billion: Opendoor, which deals with online sale of real estate; and Compass, which is an online broker.

Last year, about 1 billion dollars was invested in the sphere, and the year 2017 looks just as good. If investment continues at the current rate, the total amount of capital that came into business in 2017 may exceed last year’s $ 1 billion mark.

Although now the real estate sector is firmly on its feet, it can not ensure the steady growth of your deposits. Therefore, do not dwell only on this source of income. The investor should pay attention to more perspective and independent spheres, for example, venture funds. Hypercube Ventures fund is an ideal example of a sustainable source of investors’ income. Unrest in the markets almost does not affect the work of venture funds. There are two players at the arena - a startup and an investor. And only they can influence each other. Choosing a reliable fund, an investor can be confident of a large increase in its investments, and a promising project in qualitative development. Hypercube Ventures provide it and help you to be in the plus.

Recently we reported that the US government invests about $ 200 million in foreign venture funds